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Le Roofing And Floorings
Houston, TX

Protect your home's value and prevent roof leaks with Le Roofing and Floorings. We serve Houston, TX and all surrounding areas for the last 10+ years and we deliver 100% customer satisfactions to many home owners just like you. There is no job too small or too big that we won't handle and we can make you a happy customer once more.

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We love what we do and we value your business. We show up on time, be polite, friendly and helpful. No pressure or gimmicks to convince you to hire us. Just straight forward information you need and only necessary services you need to do.
We guarantee you’ll be happy with our work and with Le Roofing and Floorings, success from trust & integrity is our foundation.
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We always deliver 100% customer satisfaction and absolute highest quality work without any compromise. We built our company from trust & integrity since 2010.

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  • 6689 W Sam Houston Pkwy S. Ste 304
  • Houston, TX 77072
  • (713) 382-3158
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